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Bangkok, the City of Angels (Krungthep in Thai) has over five thousand (5000) bars, gogos, night clubs and entertainment complexes catering to all tastes, from small outdoor venues in complexes to indoor "shop house" and large air conditioned bars, complexes and clubs playing live music. In addition there are the famous AGoGos for which Bangkok is so famous and also many night clubs and lounges.

Many visitors to Thailand come solely to experience the vibrant night life of this fantastic city. Sleep all day party all night. In recent years the closing laws have been more strictly enforced in the main entertainment "zones" but you will always find bars open 24/7.

This website reviews only the very best bars, gogo bars and night clubs in Bangkok. Be it a small beer bar or larger and more "upmarket" venue we will add them all if they are good and well liked. The vast majority are dotted all over this vibrant city mainly in Thai only zones but we concentrate on the venues predominantly for westerners, tourists and expats but will also cover those in Thai areas for Thai customers too. Unlike many other websites we will only list the bars we think are worthy of an entry.

If you are an owner or manager or just someone wishing to nominate your favourite night spot, or watering hole, please go to our Add a Bar page. Once you have told us as much as you can someone will come and pay you a visit. At very least you will sell a couple of beers so give us a try.

For more in depth reviews and discussion please try the Bangkok Forum.

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